The "HANU-KOSEN Joint Conference on global network in a cross-cultural environment (HKJC)" is supported by a cooperative education project between nine colleges of technology (KOSEN) in Kyusyu and Okinawa area in Japan and Hanoi University (HANU) in Vietnam. The conference arms to promote doing research amongst students as well as to enable a cultural exchange environment between students from different countries.

Conference objective

Specifically, the objectives of the conference include creating an opportunity of presentation in English for both graduate and undergraduate students, enabling students to experience diverse cultures and build a global network in a cross-cultural environment and providing students with networking opportunities, knowledge and ideas on research and international exchange among faculties.


Participants consist of:

  • Graduate and undergraduate students in HANU and other universities in Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Students of advanced courses at nine KOSEN in Kyusyu and Okinawa, Japan
  • Faculty members from HANU and KOSEN

HKJC 2015

This year, the conference HKJC 2015 is held at Hanoi University, Hanoi, Vietnam on December 9th and 10th. Prospective authors are invited to submit technical papers for publication in the HKJC 2015 proceedings and for presentation in the conference.

The list of participating universities/colleges includes



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